I’ve been doing street photography on and off since 2005.  I’ll even go through periods where I think I’m done with street photography but something always happens to bring me back.  I’ve always loved cameras since I was a little girl and would always beg my parents or relatives to let me take “just one shot”.  

As I got older and started working I became more interested in photography and purchased my first camera with the help of a girl at my first job.  She was also interested in photography and would always bring her camera to work with her.  Our desks were right next to each other so we started talking about our common interest.

Over the years I’ve had point and shoot cameras, various DSLR (mostly Canon) cameras, and now my Sony a7Rii.  However, no matter the camera, I love the feeling of getting a really good picture.  Whenever I walk down the street I’m always spotting really great street photography scenes.  I do want to expand into other areas of photography, such as street portraiture.  I do have other non street photograph interests which I write about on my blog, Diary of An Introvert, so head on over there for some fun posts.